About Dr. Sunita Joshi

Dr. Sunita is a daughter of famous, International Astrologer, Tantrik Palm Reader and prashna kundali expert Pnt. S.B. Kumara. Like her father, Dr. Sunita possesses immense expertise in Astrology. She is recognized as one of the best Astrologers in India and overseas. Dr. Sunita has been doing remarkable work in the field of Astrology by helping people to solve their career, family and other personal issues by offering them accurate counselling and Tantrik solutions. She is well-known for:

  • Perfect and effective horoscope
  • Laghu Parashare and Lal Kitab expertise
  • In-depth research and knowledge of astrology
  • Book “Shri Jai Sahita”
  • Tantrik Vidya expertise

Avail the Best Astrology Services by World Famous Astrologer

If you are facing a tough phase or willing to achieve something, then you can consult with Dr. Sunita and get a prompt, accurate solution. Using her Vedic astrology knowledge, she provides corrective advice and counsels for any problem or quandary people face in their personal, professional and social life. Many people who consulted with Dr. Sunita, have got the favourable results with her efficacious counsels.

She is well-versed with powerful Tantrik mantras that can effectively accomplish any of your awaiting work, eliminate the stumbling blocks in your success path and resolve major problems in life.

Dr. Sunita understands and analyzes the quandary of people carefully and accordingly, develops the most accurate advice using her vast astrology knowledge. Her dedication towards work and years of experience makes her a pre-eminent astrologer.

Area of Services

Dr. Sunita is determined to help people change their life by offering them a range of effectual astrology services. Check out the below services to know how she may assist you to overcome different issues in life.Expert in Remedies

Family Problems

Family is an important aspect of life but with several problems. Dr. Sunita’s family astrology consultation helps you resolve family disputes, separations, misunderstandings, and many other issues. With the assistance of Dr. Sunita, you can attain your family goals.

Career Guidance

Career counselling from an astrology perspective can help you achieve your goals in a short time span. Dr. Sunita offers the best guidance on career according to the horoscope and zodiac sign. She lets aspirants know the hurdles in their career together with the precise solution to overcome them.

Marriage Problems

Marriage is a beautiful facet of life. However, it is somewhat challenging to last. Marriage compatibility issues, extramarital affairs, disputes between spouses and many other problems can spoil the marriage. Dr. Sunita offers the best astrology consulting over different marital problems and helps them resolve with the precise solution.

Business Upgrading

If you trust in the power of astrology, then achieving business success would not be difficult for you. Dr. Sunita assists people to prosper their business by carefully studying astrological elements and providing accurate counsels.

Selection of Business

Many aspirant entrepreneurs fail with their business due to improper selection of niche. It is always beneficial to seek astrological consultation before selecting any business to ensure its success. Dr. Sunita helps aspirants choose an appropriate business niche by studying overall astrological elements.


Dr. Sunita specializes in astrological remedies for planning a child, childlessness, and many other childbirth-related issues. She suggests the apt astrology remedy for any childbirth problems.


Book Shri Jai Sahita

Shri Jay Sahita is a new finding in the Astrology arena. The book is written by Mr S.B.Kumara, who was a world-famous Astrologer, Tantrik, Prash Kundali and Palm Reading specialist. Shri Jay Sahita offers inclusive knowledge on different Astrology aspects. It covers details of horoscope signs and planets description. If you are curious to learn about astrology or want to upgrade your astrology knowledge, then this is the best book for you.

It offers you the most accurate and detailed knowledge on how to prepare Kundali, nature of prashn kundali, and helps you find the right solution based on your kundali. In this book, you will also find the right process of Mala and dev puja, important Karyasidhi Mantra, Vashikaran Yantra and information on many other astrology topics.